Ohana Control Systems, Inc.


Ohana Control Systems, Inc. , a subsidiary of Ohana International Enterprises, Ltd., was established late 2009 to further branch out it’s services to cater to those in need of Fire Alarm systems/maintenance. Beacuse of prior and existing projects under it’s belt, it made sense to offer Fire Alarm Systems as an additional service, partnering with Hochiki and with D & N Electric.


Because of this important need of fire safety, Ohana Control Systems, Inc. is providing customers with Fire Prevention solutions. These solutions, involve accurate and up-to-date equipment, and a system design that is up to code.

The full product features are:

* Full line of state-of-the-art fire alarms, panels, and devices
* Pull Stations
* Detectors and Sensors
* Control Panels and Annunciators
* Voice Notification/Speakers