Ohana International Enterprises, Ltd


Founded in 1991, Ohana International Enterprises, LTD. is a locally owned and operated corporation that has established a reputation in the community as a leading service provider which currently services 175 apartments, condominium buildings, a number of hotels & other commercial accounts in Oahu, The U.S. government, mainland and internationally.


Looking to incorporate new technology in an effort to expand and better provide for the needs of our clients, Ohana International has expanded into high-tech security access control, CCTV, garage doors, entry phone, parking lot equipment, alarm monitoring and installation.

Ohana International Enterprises’ mission is to provide superior quality, price and service than the competitor and to that end we are offering one of the most complete product lines in the market.  Ohana International has an extensive worldwide distribution network to supply and support customers with the best price-to-performance ratio and customer service.

These systems offer the cutting edge in access control and close circuit television employing proximity and CCTV based systems on through biometric fingerprint verification and facial recognition for access control.  Biometrics, in general, employs the use of physiological characteristics for personal verification.  In addition to having a proven product line, Ohana has formed strategic partnerships with industry leader for all electrical, computer cabling and elevator installations.

As a result of the recent growth in the field on biometrics, Ohana will continues to add simple biometric solutions for private residence as well as other recognition systems for specific commercial applications often raised as well as other recognition systems for specific commercial applications often raised by government institutions and other large entities.  With these tools, Ohana International Enterprises, Ltd. will and can customize a biometric, proximity based and cctv solution to virtually any type of organization, large or small, to fit their exact requirements and overall security goals.

Ohana International Enterprises, Ltd.’s mottos is Honor, Integrity, Service and Reliability and for that we will continue to strive for perfection.