Ohana Control Systems, Inc. , a subsidiary of Ohana International Enterprises, Ltd., was established late 2009 to further branch out it’s services to cater to those in need of Fire Alarm systems/maintenance. Beacuse of prior and existing projects under it’s belt, it made sense to offer Fire Alarm Systems as an additional service, partnering with Hochiki and with D & N Electric.


Because of this important need of fire safety, Ohana Control Systems, Inc. is providing customers with Fire Prevention solutions. These solutions, involve accurate and up-to-date equipment, and a system design that is up to code.

The full product features are:

  • Full line of state-of-the-art fire alarms, panels, and devices
  • Pull Stations
  • Detectors and Sensors
  • Control Panels and Annunciators
  • Voice Notification/Speakers


Founded in 1991, Ohana International Enterprises, LTD. is a locally owned and operated corporation that has established a reputation in the community as a leading service provider which currently services 175 apartments, condominium buildings, a number of hotels & other commercial accounts in Oahu, The U.S. government, mainland and internationally.


Looking to incorporate new technology in an effort to expand and better provide for the needs of our clients, Ohana International has expanded into high-tech security access control, CCTV, garage doors, entry phone, parking lot equipment, alarm monitoring and installation.

Ohana International Enterprises’ mission is to provide superior quality, price and service than the competitor and to that end we are offering one of the most complete product lines in the market.  Ohana International has an extensive worldwide distribution network to supply and support customers with the best price-to-performance ratio and customer service.

These systems offer the cutting edge in access control and close circuit television employing proximity and CCTV based systems on through biometric fingerprint verification and facial recognition for access control.  Biometrics, in general, employs the use of physiological characteristics for personal verification.  In addition to having a proven product line, Ohana has formed strategic partnerships with industry leader for all electrical, computer cabling and elevator installations.

As a result of the recent growth in the field on biometrics, Ohana will continues to add simple biometric solutions for private residence as well as other recognition systems for specific commercial applications often raised as well as other recognition systems for specific commercial applications often raised by government institutions and other large entities.  With these tools, Ohana International Enterprises, Ltd. will and can customize a biometric, proximity based and cctv solution to virtually any type of organization, large or small, to fit their exact requirements and overall security goals.

Ohana International Enterprises, Ltd.’s mottos is Honor, Integrity, Service and Reliability and for that we will continue to strive for perfection.


Ohana Security Group was established in 2007 as an extension of Ohana International Enterprises, Ltd. in order to emphasize the growth of the company’s CCTV sector.


Safety and Security is a growing concern in today’s  society.  Because of this important need, Ohana Security Group is providing customers with security solutions for building management systems.  With a wide range of CCTV systems, coupled with expert staff members, Ohana Security Group will be able to produce personalized designs that combine an array of systems that meet various precise requirements.

Stocked with complete state of the art digital CCTV systems – highest quality cameras and Digital Video Recorders (DVR), and cutting edge technology, Ohana will put your mind at ease when it comes to sophisticated surveillance.

The full product features are:

  • Full line of digital high-resolution color cameras
  • Vandal resistant, weather-proof dome cameras
  • Professional, Bullet, Dome, Pin-hole, Covert, Pan/Tilt/Zoom(PTZ) cameras
  • Day/Night Infrared cameras
  • Two(2) year full replacement warranty on all cameras
  • Highest quality Linux and PC based digital video recorders
  • Remote, off-site viewing and playback of CCTV systems via the Internet
  • Five(5) year full replacement warranty on all DVRs.

The History of the Hochiki Group of Companies

Because of several resort fires which claimed many lives around the world, the leading members of Japan’s insurance industry founded the Hochiki Corporation in 1918. The Hochiki Corporation undertook design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems and produced in excess of 3.5 million units each year.

The 1920′s

The first Mechanical Manual (MM) style fire alarm system was installed in Japan by Hochiki Corporation.

The 1950′s

Began production of the rate-of-rise heat detector. Hochiki Corporation joins the NFPA.

The 1960′s

Exported first item, the MM style fire alarms to Bangkok, Thailand.
The Manufacturing & Testing Facility was constructed in Machida which is a suburb of Tokyo.
Hochiki Corporation was registered on the Japanese stock market.
The Ionization smoke detector was developed.
The R-Type system – Hochiki’s first (Analog Addressable) system was first sold.
The Miyagi factory was built.

The 1970′s

The representative sales office was opened in Los Angeles, CA.
Hochiki America Corporation was established in Los Angeles, CA.
Hochiki America Corp. opened its manufacturing in Huntington Beach, CA.

The 1980′s

Hochiki America began production of the smoke detector base.
The representative sales office was opened in London England.
Hochiki America began production of the Ionization Smoke Detector.
Hochiki Japan introduced its new generation of analog protocol. The HRE protocol was released.

The 1990′s

The analog/intelligent fire system was developed - Digital Communication Protocol (DCP), a more secure and reliable format that allows intelligent application with fire, security and building management systems.
The New Miyagi factory was built in Japan.
Hochiki Europe Ltd. was established in Kent, England a suburb of London.
Hochiki America began production of Photoelectric Smoke Detector.
Miyagi factory was awarded the ISO 9000 approval.
Hochiki America factory was awarded the ISO 9000 approval by the LPCB.
The largest multipurpose fire-testing facility in the world was built next to the Miyagi factory.
The representative sales office was opened in Singapore.
Production from start to finish of the new NS Series (Ionization and Photoelectric Analog and Conventional sensors) was established.
Hochiki America Corp. moved to a much larger facility in Buena Park, CA.
Hochiki America Corp. introduced their new Conventional/Expandable fire control panel line.

The 2000′s

The representative sales office was opened in Peking, China.
Hochiki duct detection manufacturing brought in-house at our Buena Park facility.

The New Millenium

Continuing into the new century, Hochiki Corporation, Hochiki America Corp. and Hochiki Europe Limited will work together to offer only the highest quality and most reliable fire products for today’s dynamic global market.